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Welcome to RECulture

Youth sports for breaking cultural barriers and active citizenship

What is the RECulture project?

The aim of this project is to create tools that will enable any community, large or small, to develop grassroots programmes involving their local community with migrants in order to ensure an integration that respects, educates, and unites these migrants to their new community through youth-oriented sports programmes.

Project Results

IO1: Best Practices Research

A research of best practices done in the world of sports will be gathered. Partners will research their unique national realities, comparing them to the European panorama, create a database of what has been done and analysing what can be improved. 

IO3: In-Service Training Program

As the EU intake of refugees and migrants continues to evolve youth workers are increasingly expected to provide new integration programs, however, in many cases appropriate in-service training for youth workers is not provided. The project will strive for a comprehensive intervention where the formation of youth workers as key intermediaries is considered to be just as important as the needs of end users.

IO2: From Theory to Practice

After gathering information on what has been done, partners will develop a curriculum that will create a new approach to the integration of migrants and local youth communities, addressing how to operationalise this curriculum for any organisation to take part in a new approach to community development.

IO4: Policy Paper

The Policy Paper will be the document that will advocate the implementation of this strategy for affirming sports as a gateway to cultural integration at European and national levels. This document is focused on advocacy at a policy level, aiming the main decision-makers and policymakers at national and European levels.

Project News


The second Newsletter

The RECulture project deepens international cooperation in the field of sport, also thanks to the physical meeting of partners, which will take place on July

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The first Newsletter

The very first conference of the project took place in Dublin, Ireland, on the 8th of February 2022, focusing on the successful implementation of the

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The Partners

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